David M. Cheney

I am the webmaster, designer, data entry person, etc. (aka, just about everything) for several Catholic web sites.

I am a cradle Catholic (roman rite) with an interest in the current and historical structures of the visible Church.

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri, but I grew up, and currently reside in the Kansas City, Kansas area. Although I also lived in Texas for an extended time (a decade and a half).

I went to High School at Rockhurst High School (class of 1984). I've taken classes at several colleges including University of Texas and Conception.

I've tended to be fairly active in my parishes including at St. Mary's Catholic Center (Texas A&M University).

I lived at St. Joseph's Vineyard for most of my time in the College Station area.

I was also quite involved in the Awakening Retreat program at St. Mary's and other places.

I've worked at a variety of places including IntelliQuest (who seems to have faded away), Technology Works (who also seems to have been merged away), and Texas A&M University (they aren't going anywhere ;-).

Currently I have a regular night shift job and I spend some spare time on my websites.

Currently years old.

I enjoy many things, but often have a distaste for what is called "popular" these days (ok, for the last 3 decades too ;-). For those that think I don't like anything, here are a few things that I actually recommend:

I've broken out books, movies, and music into separate sections.

Dies Irae
(That Day of Wrath)
Church Building
St. Paul Cathedral (Minnesota)
Vacation Spot
Rome, Italy

Last Trip: November 2004
Next Trip: TBA

Deep Blue
Television Show
(Is anything worth
watching on t.v.
besides the rare
good old movie?)


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