David Wilcox

I suppose I should be clear from the start that I'm referring to the David Wilcox from North Carolina, not the Canadian.

David is primarily a story teller that sometimes uses a guitar and lyrics in the process. I should also note that by far the best way to hear his talent is in a concert setting. The recordings are quite good, but they just don't capture the experience completely. By the way, in his concerts that I've been able to attend, it was simply him, a few guitars, a microphone, and a stool. Quite a bit different from many performers that seem to try to distract you from their music by fancy light shows, stunts, etc.

While I'm not a musician myself, I've been told that he does some rather amazing things with a guitar technically. All I know is that it certainly sounds good.

I should also note that although his music does not contain vulgarity, it does sometimes address adult themes and might be unsuitable for younger folks. Take a listen before giving it to your kids.


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